3 Must See Low Cost Shows on Broadway

3 Must See Low Cost Shows on Broadway
Watching a show on Broadway can be quite daunting, considering how pricey it can be. However, if you were looking for an opportunity to experience a Broadway show, there are a few low-cost shows that you can’t miss!

For starters, the longest-running Broadway show ever, The Phantom of the Opera, a show just under $50. If you love an offbeat romance coupled with mystery and fantasy, this is an opportunity that you just can’t miss.

Another Broadway classic, Chicago, is a must-see, which is also under the $50 range. The elaborate choreography and extremely talented dancers, coupled with a mind-blowing story and beautiful tunes are well worth the modest price.

The last low-cost show that you must see is School of Rock. It is based on the Hollywood movie, with the same name, so you may already know what you’re getting yourself into. Nevertheless, it still delivers the same good feeling as the original. If you haven’t seen the original movie, the endearing story focuses on a wannabe rockstar who takes a job as a substitute teacher in a prestigious school. After seeing the enormous musical talent of his students, he signs them up in a rock band competition.

As you can see, a Broadway show isn't necessarily out of your budget.