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3 Reasons Why Samsung Qled 55 Curved is Worth It

3 Reasons Why Samsung Qled 55 Curved is Worth It
If your TV is getting old, perhaps it's time you considered an upgrade. You'll be thrilled to know that TVs have advanced from the old plasma screens and LCD, which were popular a few years back. Last year, Samsung unveiled a new kind of TV technology, which it's using in its 2018 TV lineup.

The technology, QLED, offers unparalleled picture quality regardless of what you're watching. Samsung's Q7 and Q8 are accessible in 55-inch, 75-inch, and 65-inch models, which are available in curved or flat screens.

The former is believed to provide a more immersive experience with broader viewing angles. If you're considering the curved QLED 55, here's a list of benefits you can expect.

More sharpness at the image's edges

Curved screens typically track your eyes' natural shape better than flat ones. Therefore, their images appear somewhat sharper at the edges. Actually, this phenomenon drives numerous commercial cinemas to use curved screens because the larger the screen the more probable your eyes will distinguish a decrease in clarity at the edges if the screen is flat.

The images have more depth

The first thing you'll notice about a curved TV is that the image feels 3D. That's because the curved screen makes the images exist on numerous depth planes-with a physical background and foreground.

Broader view field

With the curved screen, you'll also get the feeling of being on the screen. The broader field of view permitted by the screen's curves gives it a panoramic effect, making the TV itself appear bigger than it is.

If you're thinking of upgrading your TV and are looking for one that supports enhanced viewing angles and delivers color intensity and brightness efficiently, then it's time you considered the Samsung QLED 55.