3 Top Business Intelligence Tools

3 Top Business Intelligence Tools
Read through for suggestions of top business intelligence tools.

The following are top business intelligence tools.


Sisense is ideal for the hotel industry. The software offers real-time reporting for booking agents, and non-technical users can also use it with ease.

Sisense selling points;

- Can handle large amounts of data without compromising on performance.
- Has minimal TOC
- Uses single-stack architecture
- Excellent for beginners

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Microsoft Power BI

This software is ideal for a banking environment. Microsoft Power BI allows customers to give feedback, allowing a business to measure its user experience performance.

Microsoft Power BI's Selling points;

- This software easy for non-techies to use
- Easy to learn
- This software loads data automatically eliminating data loading problems
- Users can use the system to report on any matters because of it
- The software does not restrict connectivity, making use of all the data resources

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SAP Crystal Reports

Sap Crystal Reports is ideal for a tax or payroll business environment.

Unique selling points of this software is that;

- Has 24 language options
- Allow users to present data in compelling mash-ups
- Allows users to share reports in a plethora of ways
- Easily integrates with Java and NET
- Useful from an OEM perspective

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Business intelligence tools can help foster a company's productivity. The top business intelligence tools above will help you choose what's best for your business.