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5 4K TVs That Cost Less Than $500

5 4K TVs That Cost Less Than $500
4K basically denotes a resolution of 3,840 pixels wide by 2, 160 pixels tall. Beyond the technical features, this implies that the images you see on screen will be in crystal-clear clarity and in detail. There's a degree of depth and detail that HD sets just can't achieve-sometimes it almost feels 3D.

All the major brands, including Panasonic, Samsung, and LG currently have huge ranges of 4K TVs at different price ranges. The abundance of these TVs has led to the reduction of the cost of 4K to levels formerly accessible on full-HD systems.

You'll discover that higher resolution isn't the only thing that's becoming more affordable: features, for instance video streaming and high dynamic range are accessible by price-conscious shoppers. Here's a list of 4K TVs for under $500.

TCL Roku 49S405

The 49-inch offers a great blend of features and performance at an affordable cost of $329.99. The set features HDR support and 4K resolution together with better than anticipated audio quality.

Insignia NS-55DR620NA18

For $379.99, the 55-inch has one of the best cost-to-screen size ratios on the market. Furthermore, it has integrated Roku, providing one of the most popular streaming services along with voice search. Its picture quality is excellent, with bright colors.

TCL Roku 43S403

The 43-inch features HDR support, smart functions, and an easy-to-use interface. Although its cost of $337.92 is appealing, you'll have to put up with a smaller port and less-than-perfect audio.

TCL Roku 55S405

The 55-inch offers HDR support and provides a great experience for a smart TV.

Amazon Fire TV Edition

The set features Alexa voice controls, enabling you to search for programs and movies with your voice. The TV also has four HDMI ports for connecting your gaming devices and home-theater.

TVs have undergone a considerable evolution in the past few years, resulting in advancement such as the 4K TVs, which have dominated for the last couple of years. If you're price-conscious, this list gives you options from which to choose.