5 Beaches to Explore in the East Coast

5 Beaches to Explore in the East Coast
Now that winter is (allegedly) over, you may find yourself yearning to hit the beach. If you're on the east coast, these are the best beaches you can hit right now.

  1. Jersey Shore

Famous for all the wrong reasons, Jersey Shore is actually quite a nice place to visit and has a large number of attractions near the various beaches as well. As an added bonus, you might see a TV star when you visit.

  1. Myrtle Beach

One of the best known beaches in South Carolina, this 60 mile long stretch of beaches is known for being family friendly if not a little bit chilly.


  1. Provincetown Beach

Better known as part of Cape Cod, this beach offers fun art galleries to stroll in and out of, great food, and a relaxing experience for everyone who visits it.

  1. Duxbury

Not as well known as many other beaches, this small beach is across from the larger part of Cape Cod. Rustic fences, a lack of tourists, and a general friendly atmosphere make this one of our top picks.


  1. Martha's Vineyard


Sandy cliffs, open water, and untouched stretches of beach land await anyone who is willing to walk from the more traditional areas. If you want to stay with the crowds, the water is known for being calm and refreshing.