5 Best Places to Be a Lawyer in America

5 Best Places to Be a Lawyer in America
Being a lawyer has started to catch the eye of many and there are increasing numbers of people studying and becoming lawyers. One of the best places to be a lawyer is America, where it is actually one of the top paid careers in the country. Below are 5 of the best places to be a lawyer in America.

New York

New York had to be on the list. It is one of the most popular cities in America and attracts millions of people every year. If you go to New York, you will bump into tons of lawyers and be able to find a lot of firms in which you could be working for.


Although Miami can be a great place to live, there is a need for lawyers due to the immigration laws. Therefore, lawyers are more likely to find work here and on top of that, 13% of people in Miami identify as divorced.

San Francisco

You may have seen the salary of being a lawyer in San Francisco. If you are an experienced lawyer, you will most likely be earning $150,000+ a year, increasing with experience. So becoming a lawyer here can be very eye catching, however, the cost of living is quite high so take that into consideration.


Becoming a lawyer in Boston could be hard as a lot of lawyers have already moved in. It has been said that it has half the amount of lawyer positions than LA. This shows you that being a lawyer in Boston must be very sought after but tricky to get into.

Los Angeles

As mentioned above, it is said that Los Angeles has double the amount of lawyer positions that Boston. Not only that, but the average salary is roughly $20,000 higher in LA. If you are thinking of becoming a lawyer in America, LA should be one you check out!