5 coding languages that can enhance your career

5 coding languages that can enhance your career
Learning a programming language is a key part to your career in web and technology. Here are the five key languages that everyone should know.


Long considered the standard, this coding language works well with most client and server side applications. It's a bit more complex than most of the other languages, which is making it seem more dated. However, it has been the standard for many years, making it important to have if you are looking to secure long term positions in established industries.


Anyone looking into a scientific or math based job will likely be wanting to learn Python. Robotics, AI, and Machine learning projects also use this powerful language. Thankfully it is rather easy to learn and easy to recognize.


Easily available to learn online, Java is often viewed as one of the most basic languages necessary to know for programmers and others in the IT Field. This is because so many different systems run on Java and a number of other languages are built upon it as well. Pretty much anyone who works in IT should at least have working knowledge of Java.


Mostly used for network administration and to glue together various projects, Perl is easy to learn and even easier to use. Simple, fast, and able to do most things you want, it is limited however by that same simplicity.


One of the most important tools in most dev's toolkits, PHP makes it easy to run powerful databases and more. A bit more complicated than some of the other languages. PHP is a skill that is always in high demand and will continue to be so for many years.