5 Easy Small Business Options

5 Easy Small Business Options
More and more people are leaving the 9-5 rat race and opting for career paths that allow flexibility. Here are 5 Small Business Options that you can start easily from the comfort of your own home and might only set you back a small bit of cash to get yourself started!

Dog Walker

If you’ve a soft spot in your heart for our furry friends, dog-walking might be for you. You’ll need a few things to get set up and a small business loan will help. Think dog leads, treats, grooming tools as well as flyers to drop in your neighbourhood and online marketing materials.

House Cleaning

If you stick with a residential service, there are minimal start-up costs as most cleaning items (cloths, sprays, vacuum cleaners) will be provided by your clients. If you’re thinking of branching out into a commercial zone, you might want to look into a small business loan to help you out. You’ll need marketing materials as well as cleaning supplies and a work vehicle will provide you with constant and moveable advertising.

Home Landscaping

If you like the outdoors and have some knowledge of plants and construction, landscaping & gardening services will give you a great amount of flexibility. The set-up costs here might be a bit higher as you’ll need to invest in both landscaping & gardening equipment, as well as safety equipment for yourself.

Professional Organisation

This one is great if you’re a perfectionist with a love of lists and organisation! Very minimal start up costs are involved but a small business loan could help you out with other initial but necessary expenditures like insurance for yourself and your business.

Fitness Instruction

Once you’ve got yourself certified, these are two options that are very simple small business ideas with the potential to gain you a very flexible and potentially lucrative lifestyle! Look into loan options to help you cover training and insurance needs then get yourself out there and secure your clientele base!