5 Hidden London Gems

5 Hidden London Gems
London is one of the world’s most beautiful as well as attractive to locals and tourists alike. There are famous landmarks and sites known by all and sundry, but there are also has other places not very known to many. The following are five of the hidden gems one should visit in London.

Japanese Kyoto Garden

Spread over 55 acres in Holland Park, you will find a koi carp pond and stone lanterns plus a bridge at the foot of a tiered waterfall. This garden was opened in 1991 and was created by a Japanese designer. It was built as a gift to Great Britain from Japan commemorating their long and fruitful friendship. One fantastic thing about this garden is its peaceful ambiance in comparison to the busy streets and also the added beauty to it by the peacocks often wandering around.

Little Venice

This name is indicative enough, as this neighborhood looks very similar to Venice. It is formed right where the Grand Union Canal and the Regents Canal meet and is also known as Browning’s Pool. You find here beautiful canals and waterways and on top of that cozy pubs, restaurants, and cafes. This place is full of narrow boats, and tree-lined streets complete with buildings painted white and terraced with stucco. Enjoy canal boat rides and even puppet shows and as well visit some fantastic theaters like the Canal Café’ Theater or Puppet Theater Barge. One can also enjoy some time at the Lord’s Cricket Ground for some cricket history.

Dennis Severs’ House

The house that belonged to Dennis Server has its locations at 18 Folgate St, E1 6BX, UK. An original Huguenot house, it has ten rooms presented just as they were left by occupants, with uneaten meals and beds that were slept in recently.

The Naked Ladies of York House in Twickenham

These are statutes of the Naked Ladies standing on a rockery and water cascade in York House gardens in London. They depict the eight Oceanids from Greek mythology and are carved from white Carrara marble.

The Seven Noses of Soho

They are said to be seven of the original 35 created in 1997 by artist Rick Buckley. The others are supposed to be hidden around the city, and it’s not certain if they still survive.