5 Things to know before visiting Guam

5 Things to know before visiting Guam
Guam is most definitely a beautiful holiday destination for singles and families. Find these things to know about the Island prior to visiting.

It is an island in the Pacific Ocean, and an unincorporated territory of the United States since 1950.

Guam is only 48 kilometers long and about 15 kilometers wide. It is popular for its beautiful beaches among them, Fai Fai beach, Gab Gab beach, Ypao beach, Tumon beach and Gin beach among others. Guam offers perfect destinations for the whole family like theaters. Famous theatres include Magic Rocks and Encore. Sports lovers will too find satisfaction in golf and hiking among others like surfing and jet skiing.

Guam holds several reminders if the second world war, and most famous is a National Park service facility that is dedicated to the Pacific Theatre of WWII. In Guam, one can engage in WWII explorations on sites like that of the Tinta and Faha massacre, Japanese and US memorials.

A vital attraction Guam has is its culture. Its traditions and cultural activities survived invasions, wars, governments and epidemics. One of the places not to miss in Guam is the Two Lovers Point, a site of an ancient Chamorro legend. Indulge in this unique culture through singing, be sure to listen and learn the Kantan Chamorro singing style. Ranging from traditional arts like weaving and fishing, delicacies are special treats for visitors. Christianity is hugely present in villages. Guam boasts populations from Chinese, Filipinos, Koreans, Europeans, Indians and others The official languages in this island are English and indigenous language, Chamorro.

Finding a luxurious place to stay is easy, as most hotels are minutes away from the airport. Holiday in hotels like the Bayview Hotel and Cocos Island Resort.