5 Unknown But Worth It Vacations In Africa

5 Unknown But Worth It Vacations In Africa
Africa is a majestic continent known for its rich history and incredible wildlife. When most people think of Africa, countries like Kenya and Zimbabwe come to mind. There are so many places that offer an amazing experience. These five unknown destinations in Africa will give you the vacation of a lifetime.

Praslin Island - Seychelles

It’s the second biggest island in the Seychelles and has beautiful scenery. Think blue oceans, soft sand, palm trees and hot weather. It’s an incredible place that many choose to return to.

Tofo Beach -  Mozambique

If you’re a fan of seafood, then Tofo beach is the place to go. There’s 8km of stunning sand and a beautiful ocean too. You’ll swim with whale sharks and manta-rays and enjoy relaxing in the hot sun.

Nyika Plateau National Park - Malawi

Malawi's largest national park is known for its leopard population. There are beautiful trails where you can see mountains and rivers as well as some of the residents! Jeep tours are available, or the more adventurous can mountain bike through the park.

Lake Malawi - Malawi

Witness the world's most stunning lake in Malawi, which houses 1300 types of tropical fish. It’s an amazing site to see and animal lovers will enjoy seeing the exotic fish. You can also freshwater dive to get a closer look.

Sof Omar Caves - Ethiopia

The wab river once formed caves that go deep into the earth. Brave travellers can take a walk through the caves and travel through chambers and deep portals.