5 Ways to Travel Light

5 Ways to Travel Light
Planning to hit the road but don't have much space? This article has some handy tips to make sure you travel light.

  1. Plan To Do Your Laundry

If you are going somewhere for more than a few days, plan to do a load of washing. This lets you only take a few days worth of clothing, keeping your bags light.

  1. Pick Outfits That Don't Need Accessories

Plan out your outfits and make sure that you won't need anything extra. This lets you keep your bags light, but also helps keep you looking well put together.

  1. Take Mini Toiletries

Don't buy the mini versions of things, instead get small bottles and fill them with everything you need. Most of the time you can put a week worth of product into one of the small bottles.

  1. Pack Items That Do Double Duty

If you are going to a place that is going to be sunny but might also have rain, think about packing a hat that will keep you safe in both of those conditions. Take shoes that are good for long days walking, but that will also look nice for dinner.

  1. Buy Cheap Items When You Arrive

If something costs less than $5, ask if you really need it, or if you just want it because it seems easy. Most of the time you can buy cheap items at a local store. You can even donate them to a local thrift store as you leave, or give them to someone else at your hotel.