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The 7 best platforms for free conference calls

The 7 best platforms for free conference calls
In the recent pas, the word conference call reminded us of something reserved just to businessmen. Today, everyone can make a conference call for free.

If some years ago a conference was a meeting of very powerful and rich people, today everyone can arrange a conference, with an Internet connection. In a few words, if you have a PC or a laptop or even a good smart phone and an internet connection, you can easily organize a conference calling using one of the many free platforms available. There are many of them but in this article you will find the best 7 platform for free to arrange a perfect conference calling.

Skype: if your conference is just for a couple of friends, you can use Skype. It's free, fast and you can send written messages and other documents as photos and files.

Google Hangout: one of the most famous free platforms for conference call is Google Hangout. It's incredibly fast, it is possible to organize contacts and, of course, is free.

Openvoice: if your conference involves many people, Openvoice is definitely for you. It can include up to 500 people, it's very easy to use, has an app for your phone and provides very useful statistic reports.

Free Conference Calling: do you need to involve a massive number of people? This plaform is what you need for your incredible conference. It is free of charge, it can include up to 1000 people, you can save reports and statistics. You can also share your screen. Simply great!

Freebridge: if you have to contact less people you can use Freebridge. It can include up to 100 people and it is perfect for sales and small business.

Rehuddle: are you looking for something very simple? Rehuddle is the easiest platform to use and very flexible. Recommended.

ClickMeeting: this platform is perfect for webinars, conference and business of all kind. You can also use all your social media during the conference and this is very useful if you want to interact with people.

There are other free ways to make conference calls, but these are the seven best platforms for free conference calls.