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7 Tips to Help Sell Your Images with Stock Photography Agencies

7 Tips to Help Sell Your Images with Stock Photography Agencies
The microstock model is increasingly gaining popularity in the world of commercial photography. Previously, only a few elites could make a decent income with stock photography because it needed costly equipment and specialized training.

Fortunately, the initiation of digital photography turned things around, making it possible for anyone with a decent digital camera and a fundamental knowledge of photography to earn a living from their photos. Beware that getting your images to sell through agencies isn't as easy, so consider these invaluable tips.

Recognize the Basics

At the very least, you should possess basic training in photography. Everyone who's really successful in any commercial photography profession has acquired some form of training, whether from a book or online. Most have degrees in photography or have taken classes and recognize the fundamentals of exposure and light.

Conduct Research

Stock agencies differ considerably in their specialty as well as the kind of images they're looking for. Some prefer more lifestyle photographs while others favor reportage images. You should look at various agencies and establish those that suit your work style and subject.

Generate quality keywords and descriptions

Generate comprehensive descriptions and use all keywords that actually apply to your photographs when uploading. Never incorporate unrelated keywords or "keyword stuff" with the aim of obtaining more views.

Work Together

The goal of the stock agency is promoting your work. Therefore, if they accept you, try to develop a relationship with them. Inquire whether they have any present picture needs or whether they would prefer images from a particular location.

Focus on Photos That Sell

Consider what the customers are actually looking for when buying stock images. Most of them are probably bloggers and designers, so some subject matter won't be commercially viable.

Establish a Niche

The microstock industry is highly competitive, so your work will have to stand out to generate considerable sales. Once you obtain a general idea of what's presently selling, consider a unique subject matter or style to focus on.

Be Perfect

Every stock agency has clear guidelines on the supplied images (format, profile etc). If they invite you to send more following your initial submission, ensure you study the guidelines carefully for a perfect submission.

Although selling images to stock agencies can be challenging, it's not impossible if you implement these tips.