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7 Ways to Find a Good Asbestos Lawyer

7 Ways to Find a Good Asbestos Lawyer
Finding a good asbestos lawyer can be a tricky task. However, there are some simple steps to take which will help you find one in no time.

Look Further

A lot of people, when looking for a lawyer, will look local. In some cases, this might be simple and work for many. However, when looking for a specific type of lawyer, in this case asbestos, it may be worth looking further than your local area.

Say NO to Upfront Payments

Some firms will make you pay upfront and this could mean a heavy fee for no compensation. Therefore, look for a firm that works on a contingency basis. This means that the lawyer will work as hard as possible to get you compensation. Compensation for you means the lawyer will get an agreed percentage so everyone is happy.


Communication is key. If you have a lawyer that doesn’t communicate well, there will be problems down the line. Therefore, call them up, speak to a lawyer on the phone to gauge their communication skills. If they are poor at communicating over the phone, they are most likely the same in person.


When it comes to being a lawyer, you need to have compassion. A lawyer who lacks compassion shows the claimants that they aren’t really bothered about them or the case. Therefore, when you are looking for a lawyer, make sure they show compassion. Otherwise, they are not likely to bring you good news, especially if you're suffering with mesothelioma.


With any job, you want someone to have knowledge. You wouldn’t hire someone with no knowledge in the sector, so don’t do the same when looking for a lawyer. Have a read online, find some questions that will help you find out if the lawyer has knowledge in the specific area.

Track Record

Track record is a big thing. You won’t want to pay for a lawyer who has a bad track record. You are hiring them to get justice and compensation. Therefore, you want to know that they are able to win cases.


The internet is the best place to look when making a decision on pretty much everything. There are hundreds of websites out there that are purely for reviews. Therefore, once you think you have found a good firm, jump on the internet and search for the firm followed by reviews.