Are bathroom remodels worth it?

Are bathroom remodels worth it?
There is never a bad time to upgrade your bathroom. If you are looking to up the value of your home, remodeling your bathroom could be one of the most cost effective ways to do so. While it can be costly, it is more costly to remodel other areas of your home like a bedroom or a kitchen. But a nicely remodeled bathroom can get your home ready to sell!

What should be replaced?

When you are going through with a bathroom remodel, you should replace anything that is lowering the value of your home. If you have an old cabinet or an outdated sink, replacing these would be worth it. However, you may not need to replace a bathtub or a shower. Bathtubs can be professionally restored to give it a new color.

What design should you go for?

Choosing a design is the hardest part of any remodel. Most realtors agree that the design of your bathroom must match the rest of your house. If you have a mid modern home however, a modern bathroom design can bring life to your property. If you have a very traditional house, having an updated traditional style bathroom can increase the value of your home. Colors are always up to you, but picking neutral colors can help increase home value.

Be Eco Friendly

While you are updating your bathroom, you can get an eco friendly shower head. This will not only conserve water, but it will also save you money. You can also update the lightbulbs with eco friendly lights, and use a low flow toilet. If you are going to update anyway, adding these features can help you save a lot of money in the long run. And when you are spending on a new remodel, saving money is always a good thing!

Brands and prices

Many people wonder what brands to go with when they are remodeling. Most brands that sell sinks, tiles, and toilets are usually very equally good. When you are shopping for a remodel, never do so online. Taking a trip down to your hardware store will give you a feel of what these will look like in person.