Are self storage facilities a good investment?

Are self storage facilities a good investment?
Self-storage facilities have been gaining popularity in the past couple of years. Most businesses now consider them to be an excellent way to have extra storage space for their stock. Individuals too can make use of self-storage spaces if they have too many things.

Are self-storage facilities a good investment?

Self-storage facilities may be a good investment for certain groups of people. For example, when one is relocating, they may want to rent a self-storage unit until they can afford to move it with them. Another common reason for using self-storage facilities is when couples who are moving in together find that they have certain duplicate items. A self-storage facility in this case may help them till they can decide what to do with all the extra stuff. Finally, people use self-storage facilities when they are downsizing and need a place to store items before deciding what to do with them. In all these scenarios, a self-storage facility is a good investment.

How popular are self-storage facilities?

These facilities are really popular and their popularity is still growing. Their increasing popularity i making them more and more accessible to many people across the US.