Best Designer Handbags

Best Designer Handbags
Now that 2018 is here, there is a new set of designer handbags being released here in the U.S. and we know you have been waiting to hear which handbags are the best!

There are so many options every year and narrowing down the best bags can be difficult, but there are some that are no-brainers. When looking at a designer handbag, price doesn’t always mean its better. In fact, some moderately expensive bags can make the top of the list.

Anyways, here is a list of the best luxury handbags for 2018.

Acne Studios Musubi Maxi, $1,150

One of the most anticipated designer handbags for the year, Acne Studios has outdone themselves on this one. Priced at $1,150, this bag is expensive, but not too expensive. You can immediately tell this is a designer bag in just one glance. And so will everyone else!

J.W.Anderson Disc Bag in Bluebird, $1,455

This bag is made for the business savvy individual. With its sleek design and neutral colors, it shows off your outfit and the bag. Some luxury handbags are so flashy that they overtake your entire outfit. This bag is not that bag. This bag will compliment your outfit, and even turn non designer wear into something more classy.

Chanel PVC and Leather Bag, $3,000

Chanel has consistently made the list of best designer handbags nearly every year, and for a good reason. Chanel is a name everyone recognizes. The style and name just instantly says “luxury” and that is why their new leather bag has made the list. At the price, this bag is something everyone will recognize, but not everyone will have. This makes it the perfect bag for large events.