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Best Free Online Photography Lessons and Courses

Best Free Online Photography Lessons and Courses
Photography is an art and so you need to learn if you want to be a good photographer. Look for the best free online photography lessons and courses.

Lifehacker offers you a wonderful opportunity to take a free online course for new photographers. It is free, it consists of five lessons online and there are lots of results available for you.

PhotographyCourse.net offers an intermediate course so it is perfect to take after the one offered by Lihacker. It is free and teaches you how to take black and white photos, photos during winter and much more. Being an intermediate course, it is a litle bit longer than the first one.

If you want to acquire new skills as a commercial photographer, the University of Art of Norwich offers a free online course by FutureLearn. It is a professional one and if you pay a small amount of money, you can receive a certificate.

If you are fond of portraits, the course with Kirk Tuck by Craftsy. It is completely free and you can be part of a virtual classroom. It is ideal if you want to be professional when you take pictures of people. Don't lose this opportunity.

If you have a Nikon camera, then Beginner Nikon Digital SLR Photography is definitely for you. Offered by Nikon, it shows you how to perfectly use your camera in details. Designed for beginners.

Finally, here it is a wonderful course for all those people who love computational photography. It is a Georgia Tech course, an intermediate one that lasts 4 weeks. You can enjoy it better if you are keen on maths.

Deciding which are the best free online photography lessons and courses can be difficult, but this guide should offer some insights for you.