Best Holiday Locations in Aruba

Best Holiday Locations in Aruba
Aruba is an island in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, north of the Venezuelan Coast in the Caribbean Sea. It is one of the countries that make up the Kingdom of Netherlands, among Bonaire, Curacao, and Holland. As such, leading influences here are Dutch and American, and Caribbean qualities and sceneries are plentiful. This Dutch Caribbean island is renowned for its white sand beaches, warm waters, hills, flora and fauna, culture and the natural arc which is the remnant of the Aruba Natural Bridge which was formed by coral limestone. The following are locations to visit in Aruba on holiday.


Aruba boasts a good number of beautiful beaches that are popular with locals as well as visitors. The Palm Beach is a 3 kilometer stretch with clear waters and white sand. This tropical beach is dotted with palapa umbrellas and palm trees. Indulge in activities like diving into the Ghost Ship (a WW II wreck), bowling, wall climbing, visit a bar or casino, go to a shopping center or a movie. This beach offers luxury, and you can stay in any of the high- rise hotels and resorts here. Eagle beach is another one dotted with divi-divi trees and palapa umbrellas. It has clear, turquoise waters and white sand. There are high rise hotels to stay in, bars and restaurants and casinos, a golf course and dive school. Druif Beach is a tropical beach on the island’s western side. Like others, there are high rise hotels, a golf course, and a dive school and is perfect for families as children can learn to swim in its waters.


The central city in the island holds activities and sites unique to the island. Places to visit here include the Aruba Archaeological Museum (opened in 1981 and features collections from 2500BC to the 19th Century), Fort Zoutman (was built in the 1770s to offer protection against pirates). Others include the Aruba Historical Museum (situated in Fort Zoutman and showcases the history of the island), Wilhelmina Park (dedicated since 1955 to the Dutch Queen, Wilhelmina, and has her beautifully crafted statute at its center), and Surfside beach among others.

Arikok National Park

This park covers nearly a fifth of the island. It features mysterious rock drawings, cave systems, and land filled with cacti.