Best Home Smart Speakers for the Year

Best Home Smart Speakers for the Year
With 1 in 6 Americans currently owning a smart speaker, these units have dominated the home market. The popular online assistants are taking homes by the storm with many considering smart speakers as the future of automation in their homes.

They can be very handy when it comes to operating your garage door or fridge. Nevertheless, choosing the best speaker isn't easy. Fortunately, this guide reveals the best speakers.

Sonos One

The Alexa speaker has a clean design with a rich and excellent sounding device that harmonizes both ecosystems. It has a new element-AirPlay2, which enables communication with Siri and multi-room pairing with Apple HomePod. You can obtain it for $179.

Apple HomePod

The advantage of this speaker is that it works with other Apple products. Other features include high Siri accuracy and great sound.

Amazon Echo-2nd Generation

If you're seeking an affordable smart speaker that sounds good, this is the device to invest in. Amazon has improved its style since the release of the first version in 2015. The new finishes suit most living rooms compared to the original brushed aluminum.

Google Home Max

The speaker has great audio performance, so if you’re seeking a huge, room-filling sound accompanied by voice control, consider this speaker. It functions as a stereo pair, mono speaker, or part of a whole audio system that features an attractive design. You can acquire it at $399.

JBL Link View

It combines stereo speaker drives with an 8-inch touchscreen. Its sound is surprisingly powerful however; you can't video to the screen freely.