Best Lucrative Places to Practice Law

Best Lucrative Places to Practice Law
A person’s wage varies from place to place. It doesn’t matter what job we are discussing; annual wages will always be different according to the location and field. If we follow the information disclosed by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a lawyer’s mean annual wage is around $118,000. However, in California the average is $158,000. As we can see, location will always play a role in how much you can make practicing law.

Let’s take a look at the most lucrative places to practice law.

First, San Francisco, a beautiful city full of history and soul. The annual mean wage in San Francisco is around $183,000. This city may be pricier, but it also pays well.

Second, Houston, Texas. A bit lower than San Francisco, but nothing to sneeze at - $175,000.

Third, Bridgeport, Connecticut. The largest city of the state of Connecticut, which, as the name gives away, is a seaport city. The annual mean wage here is $185,000.

Lastly, Boston, Massachusetts.  One of the oldest cities of the United States. In comparison, the annual mean wage is a bit lower – $170,000 –, but it is a comfortable wage nevertheless.