Best Online Colleges to Enroll In

Best Online Colleges to Enroll In
Some online colleges, like University of Phoenix and DeVry, carry a negative stigma and do not carry much weight with employers, if at all. However, there are some reputable ones that are the opposite.

The followings are some of the best online colleges to enroll in. These are regionally accredited colleges which hold more value to employers than the nationally accredited ones.

Excelsior College

Excelsior offers programs in Business, Health Sciences, Liberal Arts, Nursing, Public Service, Technology, and Professional Development. They let you transfer credits earned from both domestic and foreign educational institution. This is a big plus for international students and those who just recently immigrated to the U.S.

The programs offered by Excelsior provide both foundational knowledge and skills necessary to pursue careers and promotional opportunities.

University of Maryland University College (UMUC)

UMUC is part of the University of Maryland’s system. Employers know about it and don’t doubt its credibility. The degrees offered are Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Undergraduate. The academic programs vary from common ones such as Business & Management to something as specific as Cyber Security.

The UMUC’s website has a College Transfer Credit Evaluation tool. It’s not an official evaluation, but it lets you estimate just how many of those credits you earned from your previous college are transferable to UMUC.

Park University

Park University offers 24 online bachelor’s degree programs ranging from Business to Information & Computer Science. It also offers 8 graduate degrees to further your career. Each program is designed to be comprehensive yet flexible. The interactive course keeps you engaged and makes you feel like attending a real class.

Park University is a very military friendly school, which is why many servicemen and women have chosen to get their degree there. They can schedule the courses around deployments so they can complete their degree in a reasonable timeframe.