Best Online Finance Courses

Best Online Finance Courses
Online courses are becoming a lot more popular and there are many reasons why. They can work out cheaper, you don’t have to travel into classes meaning you can fit them around work and other commitments etc. However, what are some of the best online finance courses you can take?

Intro to Financial Modelling (Udemy)

We thought we would throw this course in due to the fact that it is free and will get you started in the finance sector. Udemy have a ton of online courses and the Introduction to Financial Modelling is one of the top rated free courses available. For those looking to start from scratch and learn the basics before paying for higher courses, this is the one for you.

Yale University: Financial Markets (Courserea)

This finance course is another great course for those wanting to study finance. The course itself is taught by Robert Shiller, a Nobel Prize winner, who is also a professor at Yale University. The course contains 7 modules and it actually free to study, however if you want to gain the certificate, you will have to pay.

Financial Adviser Course (Oplex Careers)

The Financial Adviser course will be perfect if you are wanting to develop your financial knowledge. Over the duration of 60 hours, you will complete 11 modules and at the end, come out with a Level 3 CPD award. The price for this course varies but has been as cheap as £34/$48.

If you wish to take a course in finance, having a quick search on the internet will give you hundreds of results and it is just the case of finding the specific one you are after.