Best places to vacation in September

Best places to vacation in September
The best places to vacation in September are going to be generally mild, are not going to have a strong storm climate, and are not going to be at their peak. This generally means that the majority of Asia and a large amount of the USA is ruled out. However, the following 3 areas are perfect during this time of year.


Bulgaria is a country that doesn't get much attention but that is very welcoming to foreigners and has almost perfect weather in the month of September. Known for getting quite cold and snowy during the winter, the late fell is merely chilly. However, the local markets are in full swing in September, offering warm treats and fun experiences.


Spain can be too hot to visit in the summer and in the winter the wind and cold ocean can make it a bit depressing. However, the fall months are filled with warm dishes, moderate days, clear weather, and generally empty streets.


Generally right after summer Florida experiences a short period with almost perfect weather. Try and go earlier in September if visiting Florida, but the month after classes start is usually an amazing time to visit attractions, amusement parks, and more.