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Business Phone Plans to Choose

Business Phone Plans to Choose
With special plans to suit your commercial needs, all the major carriers in the US offer business phone plans.

Choose The Business Phone Plans

Mobile phones have become an integral part of our personal and professional life. With suitable business phone plans, any business can enjoy the flexibility and ease of use of a cell phone to conduct their daily activities. So, which business phone plan is most suitable for your business?

  • Best for all-round Features

With about 20 plans, AT&T offers a lot to choose from. All their plans include unlimited minutes & text with free roaming in the US and free international texting. Their ‘Mobile Share Plus’ starts at $50/ month with 3GB-120GB of data. You can share data with 10 to 25 devices, with no overage charges and carryover data. Also, there are no roaming charges for any plans with over 10GB data. They also have an unlimited business plan with private Wi-Fi.

Best for Growing Business

With scalable features to add additional lines, Verizon is best for growing businesses. All of their plans include shareable data, unlimited calls and texts, free international texting, etc. With a travel pass, you can also add free roaming in Mexico and Canada. Starting at $45 for a minimum of 4 lines, the cost comes down as you add more lines.

T-Mobile with its unique feature that allows multiple numbers in one device can also be a good option.

Most Affordable Plans

Teltik, a re-seller of T-Mobile, offers the most affordable business phone plans in the US. With all the usual features, their 2GB data pack starts at $30/ month. They also offer unlimited media streaming from more than 100 outlets.

However, Teltik doesn’t sell phones, so you have to bring your own device.