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Checklist for Getting Your Lawn Summer-Ready

Checklist for Getting Your Lawn Summer-Ready
Summer is getting closer and closer and days are filled with more sun. We may love the nice weather and getting out in the sun. However, your lawn can be heavily affected by the weather change. The heat will draw any moisture out of your lawn leaving it brown, patchy and dead. But there are some steps you can do to make sure your lawn is ready for the summer.


Rainy days are becoming less frequent meaning we must take over from mother nature. No water means no healthy grass growth. This will result in patchy brown grass. However, get a hose out or even set the sprinklers up to keep your grass healthy.

The grass won’t require a ton of water so we recommend watering it every 10 or so days. The best way to gauge when to water is by the colour of the grass. If you can see yellow, the grass needs watering but you don’t want to overdo it and turn it into a mushy mess.

Pull the Lawnmower Out

Over winter and the cold months, no one wants to be mowing their lawn. However, now the sun is out, it’s time to dig the mower out and get cutting. You don’t want friends over with an overgrown garden and it isn’t a great sight. However, you have no reason not to cut the grass now it's sunny.

Alternatively, have someone cut the grass for you. The end result will make a world of difference and make your lawn fit the part.

Sowing Seeds

After mowing the lawn and removing any moss or weed, you may notice gaps in your lawn. Not to worry though because it can be easily resolved. You will need some grass seeds and a small shovel.

With the patches, break the top soil, level it out and then sow the seeds. For the best results, gently rake the soil after sowing the seeds. Regarding watering the new patches, do so with care and don’t overdo it. In 10 -15 days, you will start to see fresh grass growing.