Discover the Range Rover Evoque

Discover the Range Rover Evoque
Find out everything you need to know about the latest Range Rover Evoque 2020!

The new Range Rover Evoque

Range Rover is a brand anonymous with SUV cars, and the Range Rover Evoque plays a big role in their lineups. While, we are just half-way through the 2019. They have already showcased the Evoque 2020 and it has some surprises up its sleeves.

  • A revolutionary redesign

The design of Range Rover Evoque has always been the center of its attractions. Therefore, it remained almost the same on the outside, albeit with slimmer LED housing and flush power door handles. However, it’s the interior that changed so much to give it a revolutionary redesign.
The 2020 Evoque is equipped with high-end material that provides an unmatched comfort worthy of its name. The handling also improved massively, with high-tech safety features, more space for legs providing all that you seek in a premium SUV. There is also a mid-hybrid Powertrain option to choose from.

Good specs with not so good Mileage

While the Evoque is possibly the best off-road SUV in the class, it has a below average fuel efficiency. The 4 Cylinder Turbocharged Engine is fuelled by gasoline and provides a modest 20-21 MPG in the city, along with 26-27 MPG on the highway. Based on the trim level, the horsepower can vary between 246-296 HP. All wheel drive is also standard across this particular class.

High-end Pricing

Range Rover Evoque is a luxury SUV, and the new model continues that trend with high-end pricing. Starting at $42,650 for the base model, the Evoque costs more than all of its competitors in this class. Both the R-Dynamic HSE and the First Edition trims costs more than $55,000.