Dodge Ram 2500 and their Prices

Dodge Ram 2500 and their Prices

Discover the different models of the Dodge Ram 2500 and their prices, before opting to buy any particular one.

With higher-strength steel frames and aluminium body panels, the 2020 Ram 2500 trucks offer improved fuel efficiency, a variety of standard and optional safety features, as well as a higher towing and hauling capabilities. There are also 6 different models of Ram 2500 trucks, offering a great variety of options.
So, which model costs how much? Let’s find out below:


The most basic version of Ram 2500 is available in 4 different styles that include two options of Two-wheel and Four-wheel drive. Depending on the styles, it would cost between $33,745 - $40,400.

Big Horn/Lone Star

Not too expensive, yet comes with more standard safety features than the Tradesman, the Big Horn/ Lone Star models are by far the most popular. Different styles of Lone Star and Big Horn would cost you between $37,000 - $60,000.


A touch of luxury begins with the Laramie models of the Ram 2500, yet, the Drive train and style options remains about the same. Different styles of Laramie have a starting price ranging between $49,350 - $53,750.


If you want a Mega cab instead of a crew cab, different variants of Longhorn may just be the perfect Ram 2500. Costing between $56,850 - $61,050; the versions with the 4-wheel drives are the most popular.


For the 2020 models, Ram 2500 also offers a limited edition to satisfy your urge to be unique on and off the road. There are a lot of tweaks and tricks, with the basic 4dr edition starting at $61,450.

Power Wagon

For the ultimate power drivers, the Ram 2500 Power Wagon 4dr Crew Cab is the perfect option, with the price starting at $53,2500.