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Does Archiving Email save Space?

Does Archiving Email save Space?
Archiving emails frees up space on your inbox as it involves moving the emails to the folder All Mails. These emails however still count towards the general storage quota even after archiving, and if you are looking to free up space on your email service, then the best option would be deleting them where they will get permanently deleted after 30 days.

In the United States of America, organizations in various industries need to have some form of archiving/email retention system or policy. These policies are spelled out explicitly for different industries or organizations, and failure to follow them can get translated as non-compliance which may attract heavy penalties.
Seeing how important archiving emails is, the following are some software that will aid you in this undertaking while providing extra security.


This software is capable of archiving emails from 40 programs and different formats and allows you to choose where to archive your emails to. You can try this software on free trial before buying it, after which you need to choose between licenses for private mail only (home) and professional and private mail(professional).

GFI Archiver

This software will serve a minimum of 10 mailboxes for the free trial, and up to over 3000 mailboxes for different packages.

Waterford Technologies

If you want to reduce storage quota by 80%, you can start by downloading their free software after which you can contact their customer support.


They offer among other services archiving solutions. Visit their website and try their demo live and learn about the features of their new services.


You will get signed up immediately and get a one month free trial with services including email archiving that meets required regulations.