Hidden vacation spots

Hidden vacation spots
Hidden vacation spots are truly a gift. Finding small places that you can get away from all of the tourists, enjoy comfortable accommodations, and spend time making memories is a magic all its own. Here are a few areas with unexplored gems for your enjoyment.

Jeju Island

Jeju Island is best known for LoveLand, an adult themed theme park. However, the island also has thermal springs, rainbow falls, volcanic mud spas, regional cuisine, and a dinosaur themed park. Wander the streets near city center to find the most authentic and cheapest restaurants.


Most people go and see temples when they go to Kyoto, but exploring the shops above the main storefronts is where you really find interesting experiences. Retired Geisha who teach the art of Kimono typing, old men who make dumplings in less than a second each, and drop-in dance lessons are just a few of the gems to be found in this city.


While most people know of Beijing, the city actually has a number of small hidden parks where you can do things like rent a pedal boat, take a ferry to a created island, and find street vendors with freshly loaded carts.