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How a Life Alert Can Help Save Lives

How a Life Alert Can Help Save Lives
You may or may not have heard of life alert but to this day, it has and still is saving lives. In fact, life alerts save a life roughly every 11 minutes. This is crazy to think, however, without life alert, think of how many people would have passed away after an accident. You will find some more information about life alert below.

How It Works?

Life Alert comes in a few different forms. There are pendants, bracelets, base units and room buttons that can all be used to trigger a life alert. So in the case of an emergency, the person in need of help presses the button which triggers an alert to a dispatcher. They can then assess the situation and send help.

Saving a Life Every 11 Minutes!

It sounds crazy, but it’s very true. Life Alert save a life roughly every 11 minutes, and in a lot of cases, in a shorter amount of time. The life alert system is simple, easy to use and can be a great piece of kit for people with disabilities and the elderly.

The great thing about it is that with the pendant or bracelet, the person in need doesn’t have to try and reach a phone. Instead, they press the button and a dispatcher will answer. Just this simple measure has saved a lot of lives.

How to Get It?

Getting a life alert couldn’t be simpler. If you are looking to get one for yourself, or a friend/loved one, simply go to google and search life alert. You will be presented with the website and how to purchase. You may even enquire for a brochure before making the commitment.