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How do hybrid clouds work?

How do hybrid clouds work?
Many of you may have heard of cloud computing, or cloud hosting. Many people just say ‘The Cloud’. However, many people may not realize what that is. The cloud is basically a new way to host information. A public cloud, like Google Drive, can make it easy to store your information online and access it from any device, anywhere in the world. A private cloud works in a similar fashion,

However, hybrid clouds work a bit differently.

Hybrid clouds are typically a crossover between private clouds, and public clouds. A public cloud server would be like Amazon S3, a cloud server that anyone can access to build their own websites, host their own software platforms, and documents. A private cloud is the opposite. It is a cloud server that you host yourself, and only a select few people can access it. These servers are not open to the public.

Hybrid cloud benefits

Hybrid cloud setups work best for business or platforms with constantly changing needs. For example, having a private server to store some information, but wanting to make other information available to the public. A good example of this setup would be a website that keeps customer information secure on a private cloud, but uses a public cloud to allow customers to access their website.

Hybrid cloud disadvantages

While there are many great advantages to a private cloud, there are disadvantages too. Setting up a hybrid cloud could be difficult. It would take someone with a lot of technical knowledge do set everything up correctly. Some people may not have the experience or understanding of cloud computing to fully set this up.

Looking for a hybrid cloud?

If you are looking for a hybrid cloud, you may need to look harder! Finding a private cloud is tough and building one is tougher. However, if you do build one, you will have created something that can really help you achieve your goals.