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How to build an online store

How to build an online store
Online stores are very popular and many people are trying to get some profit creating an online store. Why not building your own online store?

Building an online store is not difficult and can be also very pleasant because you are creating your own business online.

First of all, you need to choose your website. If it's a start-up business, it is convenient to look for a cheap solution so you can choose a host dominions such as Godaddy, Aruba, Wix or even a blog such as Wordpress. Many of them are completely free if you are happy with a basic website. Many online stores also allow you to join as a seller, like etsy or shopify. These may be easier to work with, since the site is already there, you just need to fill in the pertinent details. One downside is that they do charge you for using their services. Etsy charges 20 cents per listing, as well as a 3.5% charge from each transaction. Shopify offers many different plans, starting at $29 a month, up to £$299. Cafepress is free to set up, and takes a cut from each sale you make. You can read the specifics here.

To build a business online you need your products of course, decide the prices, make a list of the things you need (if they are homemade products) or of the services you can offer and choose a logo and a name.

As you choose your dominion website, you can start creating your store. Be sure to use good quality photos of your products. Typical advice is that the background should be white and the things you want to sell, colourful and with labels visible. Every products must have a name so that people can choose what they want easily.

Create a home page, an About us page, the products page and a button for people to put in the basket and pay. It is very important to offer the possibility for feedback so you can know what and how to improve your online store. If you are selling food, create a blog or a page with recipes and you can become famous and, of course, rich.