How to Buy the Correct Glasses

How to Buy the Correct Glasses
Putting considerable thought into the choice of new spectacles implies that they won't just be eye-catching but will also mirror and form part of your personality. These days, the spectacle lenses should afford you optimal vision.

The optometrist can help you choose the right frames to enable optimum fit and customize your lenses to match your requirements perfectly. At times, there's no other choice to buy a new pair of spectacles. However, due to the wide range of options available, purchasing new eyeglasses isn't as easy. Consider these tips when buying eyeglasses.

An Updated Prescription

A prescription's standard validity is 2 years for an adult and 1 year if you're younger. If you have an outdated prescription, visit an optical shop locally to obtain a new one. The optometrist should issue a copy of the prescription after examining your eyesight.


Your eyeglasses' shape is the most significant thing besides the lenses' functionality. A pair of glasses can improve your natural features and appearance. Therefore, it's important to select the appropriate glasses for your face's shape. Essentially, it's about working with the facial features and producing a generally harmonious look.


When buying eyeglasses, the frame you choose is important to both your appearance and your comfort when wearing glasses. You can choose plastic lenses, polycarbonate, high-index plastic or simple glass. Glass lenses are not widely used, because they are heavy and easily broken. Plastic lenses are half the weight, and much cheaper. Polycarbonate lenses are very strong, and are commonly used in children's, sports and protective eyewear. It's a popular choice due to its durability. Finally, high index plastic lenses are the thinnest lenses available and offers complete UV protection. Talk to your optician to find out which lens will work best for you.


Eyeglasses frames have three numbers on the frame or packaging. The numbers signify the lens' size, the temples' length, and bridge size that crosses the nose. However, those measurements don't consider the thickness of the glasses or other aspects. Therefore, two sets of frames with similar measurements can have a different feel depending on the design.

While buying new glasses can be overwhelming, this guide can help you select the right ones.