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How to choose the right mattress

How to choose the right mattress
There is nothing more rewarding than retiring to a good night’s sleep after a tough day working. A mattress is the part of the bed that ensures you achieve this. The type, size, and firmness are the features of a cushion that determine how good it is for you. When buying one, I hope the following tips will help you choose one.

Sleeping style

The following forms demand certain firmness.

Side: If you prefer this style, consider a mattress with at most medium (range of 3-6out of 10) firmness as it will contour to your shape as well as relieve pressure points on your back and neck.

Back: This style demands right but not very strong firmness, preferably 4-7 out of 10. It will help alleviate pressure points while also providing enough support for you.

Stomach: The firmness for this style typically requires a range of 5-7 out of 10 that will encourage a flat sleeping surface to align your spine.


There are several mattress types to consider depending on personal preference.  These are:

  • Memory foam: Suitable for pressure relief, body contouring, and support.

  • Latex: These types of mattresses are good for comfort, responsiveness, cooling, and bounce.

  • Coil: This popular type is best for support and comfort.

  • Hybrids: These combine latex, memory, coils and other materials to deliver comfort and support offered by the elements.


The essential guide to choosing a mattress size should depend mostly on the size of your bed as well as bedroom size. These sizes will help you plan the room’s arrangement and keep it neat. Apart from this perspective, the following are the mattress sizes available:

  • Crib: 27 by 52 inches

  • Twin: 38 by 75inches

  • Twin XL: 38 by 80 inches

  • Full: 53 by 80 inches

  • Queen: 60 by 80 inches

  • King 76: by 80 inches

  • California King: 72 by 84 inches