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How to Declutter Your Apartment by Using Self-Storage

How to Declutter Your Apartment by Using Self-Storage
Are you living in an apartment that seems to be getting smaller and smaller? Or are you really filling it with more and more things? If so, then a declutter is seriously needed. Here is how to declutter and make your apartment feel and look bigger.

What to Store?

Go through your things, think about what you do and don’t use. Have you got holiday decorations kicking around? Spare appliances? They why not store them? If you don’t want to get rid of them, putting them in self-storage will save you space, but also mean you aren’t getting rid of the items.

You can pretty much store anything but take weather and location into consideration. If the item isn’t good in cold weather, it shouldn’t be stored. If the location is prone to flooding, don’t store things that will cost you more to replace.

How to Start

To put it bluntly, just jump in. Don’t sit there wondering where to start because you never will. Just get into it and start sorting. Decide what you use/need and what you don’t. If you don’t use it, box it up and put to the side. You will slowly start to fill more boxes and notice more space in your apartment. Continue until you feel that you have fully decluttered. If down the line you feel it getting cluttered again, you already have storage so repeat the process.

Self-storage is great for many different types of people. Students, apartment renters, small businesses, they can all have a purpose. You can store appliances, products, clothing, almost anything and it doesn’t cost much at all.