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How to Live Stream

How to Live Stream
There are two main platforms that are used for live streaming. These two platforms are YouTube and Twitch. If you are looking into live streaming, you probably know a bit about YouTube and Twitch. However, this is how you can get up and running.

Broadcasting Tools

Knowing what tools to use when live streaming can be tough. There are so many programs out there that offer similar features. However, there are preferred ones depending on the platform you choose to stream on. Twitch actually gives you a list of the best and most popular streaming tools. Some are free and some cost, however it all depends on how many features you need. YouTube has a few options for live streams. The first is to literally click the Stream Now button and you will be up and running on your device. However, it is recommended that you use the Events stream which gives you better control.

Mobile App’s for Live Streams

There is almost an app for everything you can think of and live streaming is one that has been covered. There are a ton of apps that will allows you to start a stream right from your device. You may not know, but depending on your channel, YouTube will allow you to stream, straight onto their platform, from your phone. Simply check your channel, find the mobile streaming and follow the instructions. To find a different app, simply go to your phone store (App/Play Store) and search for live streaming. Some may cost and many are free, just see which you prefer and get streaming.

If you are thinking of streaming, be safe, be audience friendly and keep a positive attitude. It may not kick straight off with thousands of views, however, if you stick at it, keep it clean and entertain, you will build an audience in no time.