How To Self Publish A Childrens Book

How To Self Publish A Childrens Book
Are you are fond of children and wring stories and novels? Why not publishing what you write? It is not difficult and sometimes even for free!

If you really want to self publish a children's book you wrote, there are so many solutions out there. First of all, you need to write your story. Try to write no more that 1000 words because a book for children is normally 30-32 pages in all.

If you are a good illustrator, you can draw pictures too. If this is not the case, look for a good illustrator asking at your local university art faculty. When you find one, tell him everything about your characters so he can create them easily.

When everything is ready, you need to look for an editor. Of course, you have to pay for publishing but if you are happy to sell an e-book, you can surf the web and you will find many ways to publish it at a very good price. Some websites such as, offer you some very good tools to write and creating illustrations in a very easy way.

When you book is ready, you just need to print it to see how it looks like in paper and then you need to contact a good publisher. Some of them start at a very low price of $130 for 100 copies but you need to add the illustrator cost, the material and sometimes even the narrator if your book has an audio version. Just imagine a new story and become a writer!