How to visit Australia in 2 weeks

How to visit Australia in 2 weeks
You've made it, you are in Australia, you want to see everything, but you only have 2 weeks to do so. Worry not, follow this guide and you will see the best that Aussie has to offer in only 10 days.

Day 1: Sydney

Stop in at the opera house, walk along the sea, visit the museums, and really enjoy this amazing city.

Day 2: Royal National Park or Mermaid Pools

Both of these are great water based options, cheap, and are an easy day trip away from Sydney.

Day 3: Fly to Melbourne

See the big city, sample all of the best food, buy kangaroo pouch items, and learn about the national parks. A great stop here is the zoo, where you can see Australian and Tasmanian animals up close.

Day 4: Yarra River

Kayaking, wine tasting, swimming, and relaxing in this city are a must do.

Day 5: Fly To Adelaide

Do some shopping and see the sights

Day 6: Fly to Ulura

A Quatas flight will take you about 5 hours, but you will be able to see the most sacred area in the country for indigenous people.

Day 7: Fly to Cairns

Another quick flight, this one puts you at the edge of the coast, giving you a fun place to tour. We suggest taking this day to rest and generally visit the different attractions available.

Day 8: Take a Tour of the Great Barrier Reef

No visit to Australia is complete without a tour of the reef. Depart around 8am and make it back in time for dinner around 6pm.

Day 9: Take A Flight to Brisbane

Well known as one of the most interesting cities in Australia, this flight will bring you close to the end of your journey. Be sure to walk the streets and try the local food before leaving.

Day 10: Day Trips From Brisbane

With so many small suburbs and some of the best beaches in the world, the area around Brisbane is the perfect place for day trips. Enjoy yourself after your long journey and try to relax before flying home.