Ideas for Grad Presents

Ideas for Grad Presents
There are many gifts one can give to a high school or college graduate, and choosing the perfect one for a special person is sometimes tricky. In this article I'm going to share some examples of presents you can get for ladies and gents graduating, presents that will motivate them in their next step in life, as well as one they will forever remember.

"I just graduated....now what?"

This is a book by Katherine Schwarzenegger intended for new graduates. It will answer difficult questions graduates ask themselves just as its title suggests. It will help them find a way to balance many aspects of their new life, especially work, friends and overcoming challenges in their career.

A customized phone case

This is a good way to gift a graduate as in the case you can have a favorite quote, the grad's name or even photo inscribed. Getting them a customized case, either iPhone or Android is one way to make them feel very special as they begin a new way of life considering the importance of mobile devices.

Company shares. This is probably one of the best ways to gift a graduate. Buying them shares in a company, and one they choose for themselves, is not only going to help them in the future, it is also going to instil in them the discipline of conscious investment and the sense of responsibility that comes with it.

A Watch

Graduating means you're right into adulthood, and with it comes a great deal of responsibility for your own life. This is one way for you to remind them that time is of essence in all they do. A great watch will keep one grounded in life and in fashion as well.

A new laptop

This one will definitely be appreciated by your graduate. Get them a new Chromebook and motivate and prepare them for activities ahead. A laptop is also an investment they would have had to make sooner or later so buying them one will also be a way of helping them save some money.