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Internet Services for Business: the best options

Internet Services for Business: the best options
Not every provider is best at providing internet services for business, but we know the ones that are.

Options Internet Services for Business

In 2019, a majority of the businesses need reliable, high-speed internet connection. Speed is the most important factor when it comes to internet services for business. However, factors like reliability, customer services and price also plays a major role. Considering all these factors, below is a list of the best internet service providers for businesses:

  • Fios by Verizon: affordable rates for near-gigabit lines and the reliability of symmetric fiber speed. Fios by Verizon is the best overall providers of internet services for business. A 75Mbps line costing $34.99/ month. Verizon offering a range of other plans up to 940Mbps for $184.99.

  • AT&T Business: AT&T has the best customer service around. Starting at $60, it has plans offered up to 1,000Mbps download speed for $650. Compared with Verizon, it can be quite expensive for some businesses.

Other options

  • Frontier Business: Frontier business offers the most affordable packages suitable for a range of small to medium sized businesses. 30/30 symmetric line costs $49.99 with a range of other packages offered for a maximum of $174.99. They also offer 3 years of guaranteed price.

  • Comcast Business: Businesses that need constant connectivity all year round, Comcast is the best internet provider for them. Running almost 100% time without any disruptions, it has a reputation for reliability nobody can match. Starting at $49.95, they offer up to 1Gig speed priced at $499.95.

  • Viasat Business: With a network covering some of the most rural areas, Viasat is the only satellite internet provider on our list of internet services for business. It also provides latency free, fast internet speed with the 100Mbps line costing $500.