Luxury beach villas for winter vacations

Luxury beach villas for winter vacations
Planning a winter vacation is tough, but not when you have the option of a luxury villa. Mexico, Hawaii and the Caribbean are just some of the places you will find a top of the list when planning such a luxurious vacation, but there are many more. The following are a few I recommend for a truly unforgettable time;

The Beach House, Anguilla

This architectural wonder is the most luxurious in the city and among the famous in the Caribbean, with a guest capacity of up to 16 with eight master bedrooms. Surrounding this villa is clear waters and white sand beaches plus exotic vegetation. There is Wi-Fi, a gym, an outdoor Jacuzzi, games rooms, tennis court and bar among other facilities all for $75,000.

Cabo Villa Pacifica, Cabo

The Mexican villa has five bedrooms with four bathrooms, and a guest capacity of 10.You will find a hot tub, WI-Fi, exquisite gourmet kitchen, a beachfront pool, two steam rooms as well as fantastic views of the Pacific Ocean. To enjoy the warm sands of the beach, this is the villa to consider for $6,500 a night.

Las Brisas, Punta Cana

The villas, found in the Dominican Republic, are among the best picks for a winter vacation. A villa has nine bedrooms and can host up to 20 guests, ideal for families, for $70,000. Among other facilities, there is Wi-Fi, swimming pools, air conditioning, and bicycles. You enjoy terrific views of two golf courses (PGA rated) and the Caribbean Sea. You can indulge in kayaking, snorkeling, snowboarding, skiing, etc.

The Kahana House, Maui

This Hawaiian getaway encourages outdoor life with five bedrooms, six bathrooms capable of accommodating 12 people. For up to $10,000 a night, you get to enjoy a spa, pool, Wi-Fi natural stone flooring, and ocean viewing rooms for the family as well as fantastic food.