Mercedes GLC. Discover the Suv 2019

Mercedes GLC. Discover the Suv 2019
The all new Mercedes GLC is here with the SUV and the Coupe options, but it’s the SUV that we are more interested.

New Mercedes GLC 2019

Recently, Mercedes has released their latest range of GLC. Like its predecessors, the 2019 version of the car tries to combine a little bit of everything to ensure best-in-class comfort and functionality in the same car.

  • A Great Range of Choices

It’s easy to get confused about the type of car the Mercedes GLC is! Mainly because, it is offered in two styles – the 5-door SUV and a GLC coupe with less functionality. It is also offered in 9 different GLC-Class trims, 4 variants for the Coupe and 5 for the SUV. Moreover, there are options available for further customization. Starting at $40,700; the range can cost up to $81,800.

Best-in-class Configurations

Mercedes GLC is an all-rounder that is fit for every purpose. Only the basic GLC 300 SUV comes with rear wheel drive, and the rest of the trim has all-wheel drive capabilities. There are two performance editions sporting the powerful V-8 engines. The Horsepower is between 241-500, with a mileage of 16-22 in cities and 22-27 on highways. There is also an optional Off-road package, suitable for driving in the mud terrains!

  • Comfort and Luxury in Driving

The 2019 Mercedes GLC SUV comes with spacious interior and firmly cushioned seats; providing extensive supports during the long drives. To ensure a luxurious ride, the AMG-line premium cars come sporting LED headlights, bigger wheels and leather covered seats.

The front-row heated seats are now standard across the line with the options of tri-zone climate control. The state of the art infotainment system, along with touch and gesture controls doesn’t hurt either.