Most Popular Foreign Language Americans Are Learning

Most Popular Foreign Language Americans Are Learning
The U.S is frequently termed a melting pot of nationalities and cultures. Consequently, it's undeniably defined by the rich diversity typified by the number of languages spoken in American homes nationwide. For most Americans, the chance to dive into a foreign language occurs during university. Here's a list of the popular foreign languages.


Although the number of native Spanish speakers in the United States is considerably less than that of English speakers, this language is one of the fastest growing nationwide. It isn't surprising that more than 50% of university students select Spanish as their study language. Spanish speakers are scattered globally, and while regional differences and dialects are abundant, mastery of this language can help you communicate from Mexico to Spain.


Like many worldwide, Americans view this language as one full of beauty and romance. French knowledge is also associated with class and culture. While relatively few enclaves of French residents exist across the United States in general, Paris is one of the top destinations for Americans who wish to travel abroad.


With almost three million speakers in the U.S., this is the second most common foreign language countrywide. The majority of Chinese speakers live in California followed by New York and Texas. China is the biggest supplier of U.S. imports-one of the numerous reasons that Chinese knowledge is coveted in investing, financial markets, and global trade organizations.

In today's world, learning a foreign language offers numerous benefits as the world becomes more connected via technological advancement. If you're a U.S. resident who wishes to learn one, consider these options.