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Online Bachelor Degree in Education. The top courses

Online Bachelor Degree in Education. The top courses

With so many real life benefits of an online bachelor degree in education, the key is to find the top courses to enroll.

Top Courses in Education

Everywhere in the US requires prospective teachers of K-12 public schools to hold a bachelor degree in education. If you are already working, getting enrolled in an online bachelor degree in education can be the best idea to further your career. Just like a physical degree, an online degree can offer a wide range of career opportunities, if its accredited. With courses offering different specific specialization in elementary, secondary and special education. Below are the top courses:

  • Elementary Education at Fort Haye State University: The BS in Elementary Education degree offered online by the Fort Haye State University is the best for prospective teachers in elementary school. With 127-credits and 12 hours of real life teaching, this course offers a nice balance between theoretical and practical learning in teaching.

  • Middle Grades Education at East Carolina University: While they offer two online bachelor degrees in education, it’s their BS in middle grade education that stands out the most. Suitable for A-level licensure, this 128-credit course requires completion of 42 credits. To enroll, the students have to complete a minimum of 2-years of education in community college.

The Top Course

When you looking for the top course in Online Bachelor Degree in Education you have to consider also:

General Education at Arizona State University: If you don’t want an education degree focused on teaching, the BA in Education Studies offered by Arizona State University is the best online course to enroll. Instead of teaching, it is designed to prepare students for development jobs like taking a leading role in the community, human development and educational psychology. With accelerated 7.5-week class, the online bachelor degree in education is a more flexible option than the equivalent courses offered face-to-face.