Post a Job Online for Free

Post a Job Online for Free
Sometimes you need to hire an employee, but don’t know where to post an ad, and don’t want to spend any money during the process. There are sites out there that will let you post ads visible to job seekers, for free.  A few of the best are as follows:


This site has a heavy user base, and one of its key features is the employer rating system. You can build your company’s reputation here to be known as one of the best to work for! Or one of the worst, depending on how you treat your employees in their eyes. Glassdoor also provides 10 days of free job listings.


They generate more user traffic than any other free job posting site in the United States, so this is a great place for your ad to get a lot of exposure. Another awesome feature is they offer totally free ad posting. There is an option to pay for boosted visibility, but it is not required.

A very reputable site, that is actually state-run under the National Labor Exchange. Also, it’s completely free to post jobs on, and allows access to job boards which are also state-run. Generally, job posts get a good deal of exposure on here as well.


Fairly new and an up and coming job posting site, Jora is quite similar to Indeed. Features are nearly identical, and they offer the same free job posting capabilities as Indeed does. They don’t have as much traffic at the moment, but they’re still a great place to advertise a job opening.

A little bit different than the other sites, but with the same goal in mind, JobInventory offers free ad posting. What makes them unique is they offer the ability to submit a feed of jobs from your business website. This can be set to be done automatically too.

Honorable Mention


This can be a really good site to get your job ads out to those seeking positions. However, you have to apply and be approved by staff before being given the ability to post ads. If approved, it’s free to post as many as you want.