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Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ Reviewed

Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ Reviewed
The Samsung Galaxy S10 and the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus are Samsung's latest releases which are expected to have major updates compared to previous models. Samsung has always been one of the market leaders together with Google and Apple phones and they're expected to add new features which help prove their authority.

Samsung Galaxy S10 - Features to Expect

While the release isn't here yet, we do know some of the features based on comments from Samsung engineers and leaked photos on Twitter. Since there wasn't much design changes between the S8 and the S9 we can expect big changes for the S10 if Samsung wants to continue to compete with Apple and the new Google Pixel. Samsung always tends to go above and beyond, and based on what we know there are some amazing new features coming, such as the following:

  • Triple camera for high quality photos (possibly quadruple camera on plus models)

  • In display fingerprint reader

  • 600ppi Display with 4k resolution

  • 1TB space option (storage starting from 128GB)

  • 3500mAh (4000mAh on plus models)

  • 3.5mm Headphone Jack + blutooth headphone options (confirmed from Twitter photo)

Samsung Galaxy S10 Colors

Based on leaked photos, the new colors for the S10 and S10+ are completely new. The backs of these phones look like painted marble making the color design unlike anything we've seen before. So far, we can expect a pink, purple, and blue background as well as a green, orange and blue one.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 and the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus will be announced soon and many are excited to see the new models. While there aren't many details confirmed, we do know that these phones will have changes that will shake up the industry. The new color options are one of the top design features to look forward too and the camera is expected to be the best in the industry.

[photo: www.androidcentral.com]