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Samsung Galaxy S9 vs iPhone X comparison

Samsung Galaxy S9 vs iPhone X comparison
The Samsung vs. iphone has played another round of a tech battle that has dominated the mobile phone industry in recent years. But how do the Samsung Galaxy S9 and iPhone X stack against each other?


Price: No surprise here. The cheapest version of the Iphone X (the 64 GB model) costs around $1000, while the S9 starts at $700-$800 depending on the carrier with whom your purchase the phone.


Design: No clear winner here, as the choice is of course a matter of taste. Both models feature nearly the same materials, with both models offering only a slight departure from the classic design. The Iphone X comes available in Space Grey and Silver. The S9 includes the colors Midnight Black, Coral Blue, Lilac Purple, Titanium Grey.


Screen size and display: The Iphone X and Samsung 9 feature basically the same size screen, a 5.8 inch screen. The premium Samsung option, the S9 plus, features a slightly larger screen. The display of the Samsung includes a slightly higher resolution, but the Iphone makes up through the TrueTone technology, where colors are adjusted depending on the ambient light, to improve the accuracy of the images.


Fingerprint Scan and Face-unlock features: Both models include face-unlock options, although they use different technology. The Fingerprint scan is available only in the S9 with the purpose of authorizing payments and unlocking the device.


Camera: The most hotly contested feature between the two phones, the camera will be one of the deciding factors for most potential buyers. The S9 has a 8MP front camera, while the Iphone X has a 7MP depth-sensing camera. The story does not end there, of course, with both models offering an array of additional options. There is no clear winner here either, as the camera specs will favor users depending on their personal preferences.


Battery: Unsurprisingly, the S9 features a larger battery, although the battery life itself for both devices may in fact be similar.


Speed: Both devices feature some of the best processors of any phones available on the market. It is yet to be determined whether there are major differences between the Qualcomm's Snapdragon 845 or Samsung Exynos 9810 of the S9 and the Apple's A11 of Iphone X.


Conclusion: The devices offer slight adjustments over previous models. It is difficult to pick out a winner between two of the best models available on the market. Personal preference and expectations will play an important role in choosing between the two devices.