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The 10 best network security software

The 10 best network security software
Having the right security software is extremely important when we are online. These are 10 of the most effective network security software currently available on the web.

Norton: it is one of the most famous and effective of the web. It protects data, personal information, removes spam, spywares and viruses. Reliable, easy to use, highly recommended.


Another well-known name as regards security online. It includes SecureLine VPN that means that nobody can spy when you are connected to a public Wi-Fi. It protects your data and researches too.


An all-in-one and easy to use, this software can be installed in no time and it was well rated all over the world. It's perfect for the protection of email, attachments and offer email encryption and proof of delivery.


It protects personal data, scans scheduling and filters scams. It also work offline and it is very easy to manage. Viruses have no hope to live in your PC with Avira.


Anti scam anti virus anti spyware, REVE is one of the most effective network security software on the web. It also protects mail attachments and offers a 24/7 support.


Its name is very effective and corresponds to reality. This security software is perfect to destroy spam, pishing and viruses.

Sophos UTM

A very effective firewall to protect your network, applications, mail and your internet surfing. Simple and easy to use.


This very well-known anti virus can destroy viruses even if they are in the email messages. Perfect to detect risks.


Detects and eliminates malware before they can damage your work. It also is an anti spam and anti virus. Recommended.

eTrust Antivirus

An award-winning antivirus, eTrust ensures protection for all your data and files. It includes multiple scanning engine support and detection in real time.